Erum Masood:

Erum Masood (a British-Pakistani) is a dynamic entrepreneur and PR expert, who did her Bachelors from KU and East Imperial College London. She is the adviser for ‘Asia Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network’ as well as a trainer and mentor for the younger generation. Erum is a philanthropist, a people’s person and has been a PR consultant for over 15 years. She believes “The best lady is somebody who engages other ladies”. She plays a vital role in developing the entrepreneur culture focusing on the youth and women.

Erum has enabled 9 startups since 2017 and is also working on awareness campaign’s such as ‘Think Pink’, recently she was featured in Evolve, Boss Women Pakistan and Startup Insider. Over the year’s Erum has received numerous awards such as Sindhi Culture award, Madison’ WHO’s Who, New York etc. Apart from this she is also a visiting faculty at the Indus Valley School where she introduced an entrepreneurial course under the name ‘Fortune 101’.