PINE by Areesha Velani

“That little transition from a startup going into the SME (small and medium enterprises) is the main focus,” says Erum Masood, founder of PINE Incubation. In any micro economy around the world, entrepreneurs strive to prosper through innovative ideas and the latest technological developments. Shajar Management Consultant (SMC) builds on this idea by assisting women […]

Entrepreneurship In A Nutshell by Hasan Waheed

Entrepreneurship. It’s not the easiest word on the tongue. I know I’ve had a problem saying it on a number of occasions. I even spell it wrong every now and then (Thank God for auto correct!). But I’m going to attempt something even more difficult here and that is explaining entrepreneurship in a nutshell for […]

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities

There are challenges as well as opportunities in store for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the coming years and beyond.